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Kaizen Event FieldBook Templates

The Kaizen Event Fieldbook's 272 pages contain 91 figures (and 16 tables). Many of the figures are forms and templates designed for the purpose of promoting kaizen event standard work and effectiveness. A portion of these, categorized under the four kaizen event phases, are available by filling out the form to the right.


  • Strategy deployment x-matrix
  • Value stream improvement plan
  • Master kaizen schedule

Pre-event planning

  • Pre-event planning checklist
  • Kaizen event area profile
  • Kaizen event target sheet

Event execution

  • Countermeasures form
  • Improvement idea form
  • Kaizen newspaper

Event follow-through

  • Post-event follow-through checklist
  • Leader standard work
  • Kaizen event evaluation form

Use the form on the right to gain access to the template library now!